Create a personalised magnet and make your business stick around in the most visible places. Browse from a great selection of sizes, shapes & finishes.

Upload your own file, browse our professionally designed templates, or create your own. Our design studio has a large image gallery featuring full access to Pixabay and Adobe Stock to help you select the perfect images for your design.

A square magnet for

Square Magnets - Square Corner

A red and white business card magnet for

Rectangular Magnets - Square Corner

A square magnet for

Square Magnets - Round Corner

A rectangular magnet that features round corners for

Rectangular Magnet - Round Cornered

A green and black, circular magnet for

Circular Magnets

An oval shaped magnet for plumbing services that includes a wrench and placeholders for contact details

Oval Magnets

A house shape magnet that advertises

House Shaped Magnets