A custom coaster is a great promotional item that has an everyday use while providing advertisement for your business.

Print your designed coaster with our available options below.

  • Choose from a round or square coaster
  • Print on 355gsm beermat board single or double sided

Upload your own file or create your own. Our design studio has a large image gallery featuring full access to Pixabay and Adobe Stock to help select the perfect images for your design.

One sided round coaster with the text Beer over the top images of bottles

Round Coasters - One Side

Two sided round coasters with the text Craft Beer original

Round Coasters - Two Sides

One sided square coaster with the text Craft Beer

Square Coasters - One Side

Two sided square coasters with the words brewery, ale, craft, pub, beer, and stout placed around the coaster

Square Coasters - Two Sides